10 website trends that are expected in 2015

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Trends in website design changes with time.Here is list of website trends to watch out for

1. Responsive Design

Responsive design for today is must and necessary. The number of people surfing the web on their smartphones or tablets is only increasing and you need to be sure your site responds to fit their screen or it will look like your company is stuck in the dark ages.


2. Large background images/Videos

Large background images helps in branding the product and making an impact on the website user. Instead of of using graphics in the background nowadays website owners tends to use real and large background images and videos.


3. Emphasize  on Typography

Typography is much important  than just making the words look good on the website.Professional-looking fonts used to be expensive but with  likes of Google Fonts, however, you no longer need to spend  hundreds of dollars just to make the words in your website and logo look good.


4. Infinite scrolling

Infinite scrolling is the technique to load more content/posts when the user reaches to the bottom of the page Infinite scrolling fits well for the likes of websites like twitter or news agency.


5. Parallax Websites/One page website

This is the most hottest trend for the websites , provides all the information of the website on a single page in a interactive way.Research has shown that users prefer to scroll instead of clicking.


7. Sticky Headers

when user is on the website , he should have access to all the links for the website , it really helps in goal conversion. with menu bar is always visible to the user. It is of two types movable or fixed.


8. Infographics

Infographics offer a creative way to convey information to user in user-friendly way. Infographics use  will increase with the time and it’s probable that they’ll be used for reasons other than simply communicating knowledge in a creative way.


9. Micro-interactions

The use of Pop-ups has been increased whether it is for email sign up or offering some discounts, it helps in engaging the user more  with the website.


10. Flat Design

Using  basic shapes, colors and information to communicate a message. Even though it’s been with us for at least 2 or 3 years, flat design is on its way to become new trend i the website design. Flat user interfaces are perfect for all kinds of  devices, providing a nice interface for the user.









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