Copywriting secrets for SEO Keywords ranking

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What is more essential for SEO Keywords ranking – keywords or website content? There was a time when keywords were more essential and significant , but not anymore. The reality is that most of the businesses  and even SEO experts are stuck in the past when it comes to their concept of SEO Keywords ranking. There was a time when content wasn’t very important. This led to keyword stuffed content and even keyword flooded websites with poor content.

To  counter the above situation search engines changed their algorithms to give importance  to  content (and context) and fine keyword stuffing. This may have crushed lot of websites but the sharp marketers and SEO expert took advantage of the situation. They already knew that the majority of users are looking for organic and unique content and so content marketing was bought to life.

The increasing priority on content has led  to believe that keywords don’t matter anymore in SEO, and while it is true that content is king, it is also true that keywords are still an important factor for  ranking high on search engines. It’s a matter of reaching the right balance between content and keywords. Don’t forget that unique and quality content is  another aspect of search engine optimisation.


Content is the most important factor of SEO, right down to the structure, uniqueness  and how is the content is presented on site.  Each paragraph must flow into another paragraph and  should contain appropriate keywords according to content. Paragraphs should not be overly reach in keywords. Website design should also go with content, if required layout must be changed to present the content in a better way.

Now Topic comes what should be the content about? You should see what the Niche leaders and opinion makers  are writing about. You should not rip off their content but can you use that topic as the starting point.





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